Alocasia Pink Dragon

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The Alocasia Pink Dragon is a green houseplant. This Alocasia is known for its striking pink petioles and special leaves. The leaves have white gray veins. Newer leaves have a glossy shine that dulls with time.

Pot size: 11cm

Care for Alocasia
Alocasia likes rainforest conditions: warm and humid, but not in full sun. The leaves seek the light, turning regularly prevents the plant from growing crookedly. Water regularly, the soil should not dry out. In winter, the plant goes to rest and needs a little less water. With too much water, Alocasia 'transpires' excess moisture and a drop can reach the leaf tip. This is called 'guttation' and disappears by giving less water. Alocasia likes to take a shower, standing outside in a summer shower is also good for him. Give plant food once every two weeks in spring and summer.

The plant in the picture is a representation of the plant you will receive. The black pot in the picture is not included with the order and is only used for display purposes. All our plants are delivered in cultivation pots unless otherwise stated.

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