Aloe Cosmo - Aristata

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The Aloe Cosmo is an easy to maintain houseplant.
Because this houseplant stores water in the leaves, it can survive a long time without water. So it can survive for weeks without water in the autumn.

The cosmo prefers moderate sunlight, but gradually gets used to direct sunlight. Are the leaves discolored? Then we recommend moving the plant a little further away from the window. Or give less water.

This plant can grow very quickly in the right conditions! We therefore advise to repot this Cosmo every 2 years. Use a special cactus potting soil for this. This Aloe needs little plant food, if you still want to give it some nutrition, use cactus food.

When pruning the plant, a juice is released that has healing effects. This also applies to humans! You can obtain the juice by cutting off a leaf and dividing it in half. Squeezing will release some juice.

Do you see small plants appearing at the bottom of the plant? Then you can remove it and transplant it to make new plants.

Pot size: diameter 13cm, height 10cm.

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