Anthurium Crystallinum Silver

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Anthurium Crystallinum is a rare, exotic plant from the Araceae family. Most anthuriums make leaves from the back of an older existing leaf. These are small when they first hatch but grow to a larger size quite quickly, depending on light, humidity and watering. Anthuriums with a round leaf are easier to keep, the narrower the leaf, the more difficult it becomes. Anthuriums come from a tropical climate so they like slightly humid air (60% +), of course they also grow in a drier climate (40-60%). They like slightly moist soil, but don't like water on their feet!

The plant in the photo is an example of the plants available.

Tip: To make your Anthurium grow better and fuller, it is best to put some moist spagnum moss around the plant. This way it produces extra roots, which of course stimulate leaf growth.

Potsize 5,5cm diameter

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