Cameleon - Special orchid soil (7 Liters)

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Special orchid soil packed in bags of 7 liters.

Substrate based on coniferous bark, coconut and peat. Fertilizers based on calcium and magnesium.

Made for orchids
Dry matter: 35%
Organic matter: 30%
PH (water) zone: 5-6.5
Electrical conductivity (EC): 300uS / cm
Compound fertilizer NPK: 12-14-24: 0.75kg / m3

If the plant has grown too big for the pot (usually after 1/2 to 2 years), it is time to repot it into a larger pot. There should be holes in the bottom of the pot to drain excess water and thus prevent root rot. The orchid likes a light soil mixture, so do not press the soil too tightly! After repotting, immerse the plant well (5 to 10 minutes and allow to drain) with water at room temperature. This is good for an ideal connection between the soil and the roots. This will allow the plant to continue growing. After 4 to 6 weeks fertilize the plant monthly with special liquid orchid food.

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