Coco Brick

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Premium washed and buffered pressed Cocobricks 

unfertilized cocobricks

100% natural coco substrate

Bionova Cocobrick is an excellent natural 100% coco substrate. This brick consist of six smaller bricks which result in 10 liters of ready-to-use coconut substrate after adding 3,5 – 4 liters of water to it. It’s volume will increase approximately tenfold. Bionova Cocobrick is washed and buffered with Calcium and Magnesium.

What is Cocobrick?

Bionova Cocobrick contains: washed and buffered natural cocopeat derived from coco palm trees of Sri Lanka.
Bionova Cocobrick is easy to use and the coco substrate is not compact which makes it easy to drain.
Available in units
Cocobrick is packed per 6 in a carrier bag.
After adding water, the volume increases about ten times.

Technical specifications

EC value < 0.5 mS/cm
pH value of 6.0
Add 4 – 5 liters of water per brick.
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