Monstera Peru (Marble Planet)

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The Monstera (sp.) Peru 'karstenianum', also called epipremnum Pinnatum 'marble planet', is a special hanging plant with leathery, dark green, hard leaves. Originally the Epipremnum comes from Southeast Asia, where it grows a lot in rainforests. It is a fairly easy to care for houseplant, which gives a signal when it needs extra water. The leaf then turns gray to light green. Give it some extra water in the near future, and the plant will recover quickly. The Peru is a relatively fast growing plant. If you give this houseplant too much water, it will secrete excess water at the leaf tips.

Place the Epipremnum Marble Planet in a spot in partial shade or shade at room temperature. Also make sure that you keep the potting soil slightly moist. This is best done by regularly giving the plant small amounts of water. Avoid getting a layer of water in the pot to prevent root rot.

Pot size: 12cm
Height: 28cm

The plant in the photo is a representation of the plant you will receive. All our plants are supplied in cultivation pots unless otherwise stated.

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