Monstera Siltepecana

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The Monstera siltepecana is one of the small plants in the monstera family. The leaves do not grow large. But as the plant matures, the plant does get holes in the leaves (just like most other monsteras).

The leaf of the Monstera siltepecana is the most striking aspect of the plant. The leaf has a beautiful and special drawing. The leaves have a green with silver markings that are very defined on the leaf.

The care of the Monstera siltepecana is comparable to any other monstera's. The plant comes from a tropical and humid climate. They like a lot of sun, but preferably no direct sun (unless morning sun). The plant likes a lot of water but make sure that the soil has good drainage, otherwise root rot can occur. Make sure you have a good mix of perlite, bark and potting soil.

Pot size: 12cm
Height: 20cm

The plant in the photo is a representation of the plant you will receive. All our plants are supplied in cultivation pots unless otherwise stated.

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