Orchiata Bark

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Orchiata is a unique substrate made from tree bark of the New Zealand Pinus Radiata and due to the constant high quality it gives superior results in cultivation. Orchiata is a stable product with a long lifespan and therefore extremely suitable for topping or repotting orchids.

The unique production process and the associated quality controls bring out the best properties of Orchiata: uniformity, useful micro-organisms and excellent properties with regard to the absorption and release of water (WHC: Water Holding Capacity). Growers who already use Orchiata experience better plant health, less disease and loss, faster cultivation and a greatly reduced need for repotting.

A natural and sustainable choice

Orchiata is made from the best quality, 100% organic Pinus Radiata tree bark, sourced from sustainable and planted forests in New Zealand, ensuring availability in the future. Orchiata is available in different fractions to suit your specific growing needs. Orchiata is clean, stable, reliable and ready to use. No extra work ... just continuous and superior growth !

Now available in:

  • Precision (3-6mm)
    • The smallest fraction is mainly used for young plants or seedlings (AFP: 43-50% and WHC: 52%).
  • Classic (6-9mm)
    • Suitable for young orchids; a good size for the second potting soil (AFP: 47-52% and WHC: 55%
  • power (9-12cm)
    • Suitable for young and adult orchids, a good size for the second potting soil (AFP: 49-53% and WHC: 56.8%).
  • Power+ (12-18mm)
    • For mature orchids and orchids that require a high AFP  (AFP: 50-54% and WHC: 56.8%).
  • Super (18-25mm)
    • The largest fraction, for mature orchids and orchids that demand a high AFP (AFP: 51-55% and WHC: 56.8%).

The natural properties of this exceptional substrate have been demonstrated by orchid growers worldwide. It has proven its worth and consistently delivers superior results. Our strict quality control ensures Orchiata delivers superior performance, helping you achieve optimal growth and the very best orchid flowers.

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