Orchid Substrate - 5 Liters

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Substrate based on compost from coniferous bark, pine bark and compound fertilizers. Furthermore, the necessary nutrients and secondary elements were added for a vigorous development of the plants. This potting soil was composed for orchids. In order not to damage the structure of this exceptional growing medium, the grinding and sieving installations are not too finely adjusted. The coarser particles in this potting soil promote the air volume.


Dry matter: 20%
Organic matter: 10%
pH(water) zone: 3.5-5
Electrical conductivity (EC): 200us/cm
Fertilize with 0.5kg/m3 compound NPK fertilizer 14/16/18
Packing weight: 1Kg
Volume: 5Litre


Carefully loosen the roots of the plant and remove the old soil as well as possible. Prefer a larger pot than the previous one and place a piece of rock at the bottom of the flower pot to aid drainage. When using an orchid pot, a piece of stone on the bottom is not necessary. Place your plant in the center of the pot. Top up with orchid potting soil and press lightly. Don't forget to leave a border for easy watering. Water immediately after repotting and fertilize regularly after six weeks.

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