Philodendron Squamiferum (M)

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The Squamiferum is a species of the Philodendron family. The stems of the Squamiferum are red and hairy. The leaves have a shape that ends in 3-5 points and can become quite large (30cm). The leaves can certainly be sprayed once in a while.

Pot size: 14cm
Plant height: 40cm

Care of Philodendron
Philodendron likes a light position, but not full sun. Water moderately, the soil can be slightly moist. A little plant food once every two weeks is sufficient. It is rare for a Philodendron to flower indoors. If it happens to you, cut the flowers away. They draw a lot of energy from the plant and have a rather present odor. Some philodendrons like to climb, as they grow we recommend placing a moss stick in the pot, best in combination with repotting. Do you prefer a hanging plant? Place the plant somewhere higher so that it can grow nicely downwards.

The plant in the picture is a representation of the plant you will receive. The black pot in the picture is not included with the order and is only used for display purposes. All our plants are delivered in cultivation pots unless stated otherwise.

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