Scindapsus (Epipremnum) Pictus

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The Scindapsus Pictus is an easy to maintain houseplant.
Its popularity is due to the speed with which it is growing. Is it growing too fast for you? Then you just cut the piece just after the leaf. Do not throw away the cutting. Because you can easily let this root in water, by putting it in water up to and including the leaf armpit.

It enjoys daylight but also shade. Attention! This plant doesn't like full sun light. It
 will burn the leaves. Morning sun is possible. The pictus likes to be in moist soil, but does not like to have its feet in the water.
With too much water it will "sweat". This also indicates that the plant is giving too much water. It is an ideal plant to put in the bathroom. Can withstand some shade and enjoy a little more humidity!
You can therefore use the houseplant as a climbing plant or as a hanging plant. Both options are possible.

Pot size: 12cm
Plant height: 12cm

The plant in the picture is a representation of the plant you will receive. The black pot in the picture is not included in the order and is only used for display purposes. All our plants are delivered in cultivation pots unless stated otherwise.

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