Self-watering moss pole

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The moss pole for your climbing houseplant. Never spray the entire moss pole with water again, but only top up the reservoir at the top. The system itself ensures that the moss is evenly watered.

Please note: when using for the first time, it is recommended to let the reservoir overflow so that the moss immediately becomes somewhat moist, this ensures a better functioning of the system.

The moss pole is made of a 20mm PVC tube that is closed at the bottom. Each moss stick has extra length to place it in the soil.
This means that: a 10cm moss stick is actually 20cm.
20cm = + -30cm | 30cm = + -40cm | 40cm = + -50cm | 50cm = + -60cm

The moss that is used is also available here separately.

Open moss pole: The plant can climb completely around the climbing stick or several plants can be placed around the pole. A fully open moss pole does mean that you will have to top up your moss pole more often, because the moisture can evaporate faster.

Half open moss pole: The moss pole is about half closed with a transparent foil. This ensures that the climbing pole stays moist for longer. The foil is stuck behind the gauze, the round shape is retained. The disadvantage is that it will be more difficult for the plant to climb around the moss pole, but it can of course still climb up.

Warning: We don’t have a solution against gravity. Please keep in mind that filling the mosspole, also results in giving your plant water. Because of gravity some water on the moss will go in the soil. Please refill your mosspole 1 day before giving water to your plant. You can evaluate the day after the refill, if or not you can water your plant. 

The difference between coconut sticks and moss sticks?
Coconut absorbs a small amount of water, so you can spray a lot of water. A moss pole, on the other hand, absorbs up to 7x more water and is therefore the perfect medium for growing roots. The roots of the plant will therefore attach themselves to the moss more quickly. These moss poles are also the ideal way to air-layer plants!

This product is hand-made. 

Depending on the spagmoss stock it is possible that this product is temporarily unavailable due to insufficient spagmoss.


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