Spagmoss Premier - 40 liter (500gr)

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Spagmoss is used; 

- in the propagation of young plants, in particular in the cultivation of different types of orchids.
- to increase the water retention capacity of a substrate
- as a decorative material
- in the floristry
- by growers of carnivorous plants
- as a ground cover for reptiles

The careful handling, testing and strict quality control at every stage of the production process ensure the best Spagmoss products. The excellent water retention capacity, in combination with a strong structure and a long lifespan, result in constant and excellent cultivation results.
The best quality moss for Spagmoss is harvested in the marshes along the west coast of the South Island (New Zealand). These natural and sustainable resources are carefully managed, which guarantees the supply of Spagmoss products for a long time.

Premier quality so a little bit better than classic spagmoss. 
50% Longer fibers

How to use?

Take a bowl or bucket and fill it with water. Depending on your application, you can add plant food or a root stimulator.
Take some dry spagmoss out of the package and add it to the water. The moss will absorb the water. Pushing the moss underwater speeds up the process. After the moss has absorbed enough water, you can remove the moss from the water and wring it out between your hands above the bowl. The intention is that most of the water goes out and only a small part remains.

Done! The spagmoss is ready to use!


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